POLICE CAR, 220 “STROKE EIGHT” 1:24, MERCEDES (Συλλεκτικό Κομμάτι)


Scale: 1:24
Police Car
Mercedes “Stroke Eight”, W 115/114 series (1968 to 1976)
Material: Diecast

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Mercedes 220 “Stroke Eight” Police Car, 1:24

Sporty, elegant, modern and above all autonomous: When the new Mercedes mid-range W 115 and W 114 models were unveiled to the media for the first time in January 1968, they appealed to industry experts and public alike. Before long, the family of vehicles known internally from their inception by the suffix “/8” was affectionately christened the Stroke Eight.

The “Stroke Eight” is here available as a miniature model (1:24) as Police Car for your personal collection and is stunning in its intricacy. The attention to detail on this model is truly striking. Upswinging doors can be opened to allow closer inspection of the high-quality printed interior and a true representation of all original interior details.