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Scale 1:18
Set consisting of 48 parts
Material: plastic
Length: approx. 26 cm
Made for Mercedes by Playmobil

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Product description
The 300 SL Coupe (1954-1957) – the legendary gullwing coupe, which was the first thoroughbred sports car to be developed at Daimler-Benz after the war and is being brought back to life as a miniature toy model in plastic. The coupé has been reproduced in the highest level of detail according to the original CAD data and is available for the first time on a scale of 1:18 for the Playmobil world and its figures. The faithful representation ranges from the exterior to the interior: for example, the model is printed with the starting number 54 on the bonnet and on both gullwing doors, symbolising the first year of production, 1954. The gullwing doors and the boot can be opened. The Playmobil set consists of a total of 46 parts, including two figures, a toolbox with tools, a time table, a racing flag and a display with vehicle data. It comes in Playmobil packaging with a Mercedes Classic star. Incidentally, the development of the car was initiated by Max Hoffman, who had been the official importer of Mercedes-Benz vehicles since 1952. With the aim of opening up the US market for Daimler-Benz, the starting shot was finally fired in September 1953 for the development of two sports car models. The 300 SL was presented in February 1954 at the “International Motor Sports Show” in New York and was based on the racing sports car of the 1952 season, from which probably the most striking feature originated: the famous gullwing doors. However, these were not only intended for design reasons, but mainly for constructional reasons. From August 1954 to May 1957, 1,400 examples of the coupé were built in Sindelfingen, 29 of them with light alloy bodywork and one test vehicle with plastic bodywork.