in German language!

Play equipment:

1 game board, 8 game pieces, 28 ownership cards
16 automotive history cards, 16 event cards
1 set of MONOPOLY play money, 32 green houses (called garages), 12 red hotels (called multi-storey car parks), 2 dice, 1 speed dice and rules.

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Monopoly Mercedes Classic Edition

MONOPOLY, the world-famous real estate game, takes you into the world of Mercedes Classic in this edition.
For many generations, the star has shown the way to the future of the automobile with unique innovations and timeless elegance. Mercedes Classic makes the more than 130-year-old tradition and myth of Mercedes an individual experience. From the first automobile to the youngtimer with Mercedes Classic, dreams are under a good star. Step into the history of world-famous automobiles and learn more about the origins of the Mercedes brand. Buy and sell the most beautiful automobiles of the last decades, stop at the Mercedes Museum or the Gottlieb Daimler Memorial and build garages and multi-storey car parks for your fleet.
But now it’s time to embark on your own voyage of discovery with the MONOPOLY Mercedes Classic Edition.