MERCEDES 230 SL, PAGODA, PULLBACK, BEIGE, WHITE, BLUE, 1:38 (Συλλεκτικό Κομμάτι)


  • Beige-Coloured / White / Light Blue
  • 230 SL (W 113) “Pagoda”
  • Scale: 1:38
  • Material: Metal / Die-Cast Zinc With Plastic Parts
  • Pullback

Γνήσιο Προϊόν


Mercedes 230 SL, Pagoda, Pullback, Beige, White, Blue, 1:38

The Mercedes 230 SL (W 113) took over from the 300 SL and 190 SL models. The roof shape earned the model series its nickname.

The launch of the Mercedes 230 SL at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1963 caused quite a sensation: nine years after the introduction of the 300 SL (W 198) and 190 SL (W 121) sports cars in 1954, Mercedes presented the motoring world with a single successor to both these extremely successful early SL models. Known internally as the W 113, the two-seater Roadster was characterised by its exceptional comfort, excellent performance, and exemplary handling safety.

Mercedes toy cars come in exquisite detail and are available in many different colours. The pullback mechanism ensures plenty of fun for fans of dynamic sports cars both young and old.