300 SL “MILLE MIGLIA 417” SPECIAL EDITION, 1:38, MERCEDES (Συλλεκτικό Κομμάτι)

Original price was: 37.50€.Η τρέχουσα τιμή είναι: 30.00€.

Internal designation: W 198 I
Years of construction: 1954 – 1957
Color: grey
Scale: 1:38
Manufacturer: Welly

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300 SL “Mille Miglia 417” Special Edition

The Mercedes SL Roadster is more than an icon. Passion shapes its character and its charisma – in the past and today. Legendary vehicles and their stories dominate the model history. One of them is told by the SL that started the famous “Mille Miglia” in 1955 with race number 417 at 4:17 am.

After 11 hours, 29 minutes and 21 seconds it had completed the race distance of 1,597 kilometres on public roads from Brescia to Rome and back.